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TERM 1 2019: Starts From January 17th

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*** NEW CLASS at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo.

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Donna's 15 tips for safe exercise in pregnancy

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What is Aquanatal™ exercise?

Aquanatal exercise classes are specifically designed for mothers during pregnancy and following birth. They take place in a swimming pool and are run by experienced physiotherapists or midwives who are also fully qualified fitness instructors. The program involves aerobic gentle stretching, exercise, relaxation and birth preparation as well as a good dose of fun and chat. Aquanatal is a fun, safe way to exercise and prepare yourself for the birth of your baby.

What can I expect at an Aquanatal™ class?

Each Aquanatal class lasts an hour. The class starts with a warm-up to loosen muscles and avoid strains, followed by an aerobic section.  Because of the buoyancy of the water, you can do Aquanatal exercise at your preferred intensity without overloading, straining or jarring your joints. You can exercise as energetically or as lightly as you wish. We use a variety of floats, aqua-dumbells and noodles in the general fitness and muscle strengthening section. All the equipment you need is provided. During the flexibility section, the water supports your weight while gentle stretching exercises help keep you fit and supple.  The classes also include a mix of birth preparation exercises, birthing positions, breathing and relaxation. You will meet other expectant mums and you will have the benefit of an experienced midwife on hand to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of Aquanatal™ for me and my baby?

Joining an Aquanatal class may help you physically and emotionally during your pregnancy. Physically, it increases your levels of stamina and fitness, which might then help you achieve a shorter, more active labour.  Regular pelvic floor exercises also help prepare your muscles for labour and will help prevent persistent incontinence during pregnancy and after birth. Aquanatal has also been shown to relieve back pain, swelling and a myriad of other ‘inconveniences’ of pregnancy.

Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that can help alleviate antenatal and postnatal depression. The companionship and good fun also helps.  Some women who have trouble sleeping find that they get a better night’s sleep on the days they attend a class.

Why is pelvic floor exercise important during pregnancy?

Training your pelvic floor muscles is important to control incontinence, which can often start even before birth.  Exercising during pregnancy will also help you recover your pelvic floor muscle function and bladder control after giving birth or surgery.

Evidence shows that the benefits of pelvic floor muscles exercises are:*

  • improved control over bladder and bowel function;
  • reduced risk of prolapse (i.e. 'sagging' of internal organs);
  • better recovery from childbirth and surgery;
  • increased sexual sensation and orgasmic potential (although that’s probably the last thing you are thinking about at this time); and
  • increased social confidence and quality of life.

                *for more information on these benefits, see:

How is Aquanatal™ different from pregnancy yoga, pilates, etc.?

Aquanatal utilises many wonderful features of water not available when exercising on land: buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and variable resistance.

  • The buoyancy of the water supports your weight, making movement easier and helps to protect the joints from unnecessary strain;
  • There is no risk of falling, sudden jarring or overbalancing when exercising in water;
  • Your baby is protected from sudden movements by the extra cushioning;
  • The pressure of the water can have positive effects on fluid balance and swelling; and
  • The variable resistance offered by water allows you to exercise muscles more efficiently, helping to prevent strain and injury.

Together, these provide effective exercise in a safe environment.  When it comes to relaxation, there’s nothing better than the wonderful feeling of weightlessness that water can provide.  Another important difference is that all Sydney Aquanatal classes are run by a qualified and experienced midwife.  Nobody understands you and your needs better at this special time.

How is Aquanatal™ different from aquarobics at my local pool?

Aquanatal classes are specifically tailored to pregnancy and post-natal recovery.  This means that the exercises are appropriate and safe for you at each stage of your pregnancy. In addition to general fitness, at an Aquanatal class you will exercise your pelvic floor, learn breathing techniques, enjoy relaxation and learn more about birth preparation from an experienced midwife. Aquanatal is safer and more appropriate to your needs than a standard aqua fitness class. 

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