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Class Update

Aquanatal is now on Winter break.  

TERM 3 2019: Starts From August 19th. Check start date of each class.

Bookings essential, places are limited.

Padstow: Mon 7pm

Miranda:  Tues 7pm 

Ultimo: TBC

Alexandria: Thu 7pm 

Alexandria: Sat 3:15pm


What's New...

Introduce a friend to Aquanatal and when they join on a pass, you will receive and extra class on your pass.

Private Health Insuance: Some companies offer rebates for Sydney Aquanatal® as classes are run by midwives & specialist Aquanatal® instructors.  

Aquanatal® is now a registered trade mark!

Donna's 15 tips for safe exercise in pregnancy

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Do I need to book ahead?

Yes!  Classes have both an upper and a lower limit to ensure they can run effectively.  Priority booking will be given to clients who have pre-paid for their class.

Do I need to go every week?

No.  If you are not feeling well, it’s OK to miss a class.  However, it is recommended that you do some exercise at least two to three times a week and often women find that attending a class and getting those endorphins going will actually perk them up.

How much does it cost?

Trial Class: these are only offered if spaces are available.  A trial class costs $30 per class, payable in advance on booking.  After your trial class you can buy:

SPRING SPECIAL: $475 for 20 Class Pass

10-Class pass: ten sessions for $285.

20-Class pass: twenty sessions for $495.

***Introduce a friend to Aquanatal and when they join you will receive an extra class added onto your pass.  

Can I attend any Sydney Aquanatal™ class?

Yes.  The multi-class passes can be used for any SydneyAquanatal™ class.

What happens if I book in for a class and then can’t make it?

You can change any booking with more than 24 hours’ notice using the on-line booking system.

If you cancel a booking with less than 24 hours' notice, it will be a missed class.  Where possible, I will try to offer you a make-up session.  Please contact me for availability.  Any make-ups must be taken in the same term as the missed class.

Make-up classes are not available for no-shows.

Of course, if you have to stop Aquanatal™ because you have had your baby, please let me know and I’ll carry-over any unused class credits for you to use post-natally.

We do not offer refunds for any pre-paid classes not taken.

What do I wear and do I need to bring anything?

A normal bathing costume is fine, although as your pregnancy progresses you may wish to purchase a swimsuit specifically designed for pregnancy. You can also wear a T-shirt or rashy if you like.  I would also advise that you wear a sports bra for added support.  Please wear non-slip shoes to and from the pool.

Apart from swimwear and towels, please bring a plastic bottle of water to have by the side of the pool. All the pool equipment you will need is provided.

If it's your first time, don't forget to bring your completed registration and medical clearance forms with you and arrive in good time so that we can have a brief chat before the start of the class.

Can you run an Aquanatal™ class for me at home?

Quite possibly.  If your home pool is suitable for Aquanatal™ exercise (size, depth, depth profile, water temperature, etc.), I can run a regular private class for you.  If you have friends who are also pregnant, you can of course invite them to join in and split the cost.  Please call me to arrange a pool check and discuss what you would like to do.

Can you run a class at my local swimming pool?

I am always looking for suitable pools to teach Aquanatal™.  If there is sufficient demand in your area and pool management are happy for me to use their facilities at a reasonable fee, then I’m happy to look at scheduling another regular class at a new pool near you. Please call me with suggestions.

I have a different question!

Please go to the ‘Contact’ page and send me a message.