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Term Dates

Booking now for Term 4, 2017 - All pools are heated. You can join anytime during the term depending on availability. Spring class special available, contact me for details.   


Class Update

Bookings essential, places are limited.  

TERM 4 Timetable September to December.

Caringbah: Taren Point Monday 7pm - 

Kingsgrove: Tuesday 11.30am- Starts October

Padstow: Tuesday 7pm

Rockdale: Wednesday 7pm- starts October

Alexandria: Thursday 7pm

Condell Park: Saturday 12.30pm


What's New...


SATURDAY CLASS starting in Condell Park September 16th.

Introduce a friend to Aquanatal and when they join you will receive and extra class on your pass.

Private Health Insuance: Some companies offer rebates for Sydney Aquanatal® as classes are run by midwives.  

Aquanatal® is now a registered trade mark!

Donna's 15 tips for safe exercise in pregnancy

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What do I need to do before attending my first class?

You will not be able to join a class until you have obtained medical clearance to exercise and have booked a place.  We limit class numbers to ensure there is plenty of room for everyone and enough time for personal and informal contact between participants and the instructor.  If you want to observe a class first to see if Aquanatal™ is right for you, you are most welcome to drop by.  Please let Donna know in advance, so there’s time to have a chat.

Why & when do I need my doctor's consent?

Exercise during pregnancy is suitable and beneficial for most healthy women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, but there are some situations when it is not advisable. To ensure that exercise, even low-impact exercise such as Aquanatal™, is safe for you and your baby, you need formal clearance to exercise from your obstetrician, doctor or midwife before you can attend your first class. If you are not due to see your doctor or obstetrician for some time, please call Donna to discuss your individual circumstances.

I'm not very fit: is Aquanatal™ suitable for me?

Yes.  Because of the variable resistance of water, you are fully in control of how hard you work.  The instructor will show you how to exercise at your preferred pace.

I exercise a lot: is Aquanatal™ suitable for me?

Yes.  Some of my ladies have included sportswomen and runners.  I can advise you on how strenuously you should exercise at each stage of your pregnancy and how to get the most from your Aquanatal™ workout.

Can I combine Aquanatal™ with other exercise?

Absolutely, especially if you are used to exercising regularly.  There are a few sports and particular types of exercises that are best avoided during pregnancy, but I am happy to chat with you specifically about what type of exercise you would like to do and give you some guidance on what exercises you might choose to avoid whilst you are pregnant.

How soon can I start Aquanatal™ exercise?

You can start Aquanatal™ classes with Sydney Aquanatal™ anytime after the 14th  week of pregnancy.

How long can I do Aquanatal for?

Unless your doctor advises otherwise, or there are other reasons that would make it unsafe for you to exercise, you can attend Aquanatal™ exercise classes right up until birth.

How soon can I start Aquanatal™ again after the birth?

You can start exercising post-natally after your doctor has given you the OK at your 6 week check-up.  If you’ve had a Caesarean, it’s advisable to wait at least eight to nine weeks, but check with your doctor.

Can I do Aquanatal™ if I can’t swim?

Absolutely. Most exercises are performed in waist- to chest-height water. If you are a non-swimmer or only a weak swimmer, please let your Aquanatal™ Instructor know on your registration form and before each session.  Familiarise yourself with the water depth of the different exercise areas and stay away from pool areas that are too deep for you.

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