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Booking now for Term 4, 2017 - All pools are heated. You can join anytime during the term depending on availability. Spring class special available, contact me for details.   


Class Update

Bookings essential, places are limited.  

TERM 4 Timetable September to December.

Caringbah: Taren Point Monday 7pm - 

Kingsgrove: Tuesday 11.30am- Starts October

Padstow: Tuesday 7pm

Rockdale: Wednesday 7pm- starts October

Alexandria: Thursday 7pm

Condell Park: Saturday 12.30pm


What's New...


SATURDAY CLASS starting in Condell Park September 16th.

Introduce a friend to Aquanatal and when they join you will receive and extra class on your pass.

Private Health Insuance: Some companies offer rebates for Sydney Aquanatal® as classes are run by midwives.  

Aquanatal® is now a registered trade mark!

Donna's 15 tips for safe exercise in pregnancy

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Sydney Aquanatal™ in the Media

Since Sydney Aquanatal™ was established in 2009 to bring Aquanatal™ exercise to Austalia, we have publicised this specialised form of pregnancy exercise in the popular press as well as in specialist midwifery and childbirth education journals.  Aquanatal™ has its own Facebook page and we are active in spreading the word about our unique exercise classes with obstetricians and gynaecologists.  A selection of articles we have published to provide information about Aquanatal™ are reproduced below:

Exercise safely during pregnancy (Shine Magazine, Spring 2009)

Read Donna's 6 key tips to safe exercise during pregnancy (click on the article on the left). 


Aquanatal™exercise classes and childbirth education (Interaction, Journal of the National Association of Childbirth Educators, vol.27 no.3 p.19, Dec 2009)

If you would like to read the entire article, click on the thumbnail image on the left.






Fitness with a difference: There's plenty of evidence to indicate that exercise during pregnancy will keep you and your baby healthier. Four experts suggest alternative types of exercise that you may never have considered. (Pregnancy & Birth magazine, July 2010 p.102-103).

In the article, Donna introduces Aqnanatal™ exercise and the special benefits of birh preparation and water exercise under the guidance of an experienced midwife. Her contribution is on page 103 (click the thumbnail image below).

If any of the images are too large to read on the screen, simply reduce the viewing magnification of your browser to read the bottom of each page.