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TERM 1 2019: Starts From January 17th

Padstow: Mon 7pm

Miranda:  Tues 7pm 

UltimoWed 1pm

Alexandria: Thu 7pm 

Alexandria: Sat 3.15pm


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*** NEW CLASS at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Ultimo.

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Private Health Insuance: Some companies offer rebates for Sydney Aquanatal® as classes are run by midwives & specialist Aquanatal® instructors.  

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Donna's 15 tips for safe exercise in pregnancy

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Why do Aquanatal®?

Aquanatal® is tailored to you by an experienced midwife.  It is the best and safest way to keep fit and active during and after pregnancy. 

Read here about the specific benefits my Ladies have experienced since joining Aquanatal. More generally:

* Aquanatal® is performed in water.  This makes it much easier to move, exercise and relax your body than on land, especially in the last few months.

* Aquanatal® classes are conducted by an experienced midwife and trained aquafit instructor.   This ensures that all exercises are appropriate and safe for you at every stage of your pregnancy.

* Because water provides variable resistance, you can exercise as hard or as gently as you like without straining your joints and ligaments.  The buoyancy of the water cushions your body against jarring and produces a wonderful feeling of weightlessness during the relaxation and breathing exercises.

* Research has shown that Aquanatal® exercise can reduce and prevent lower back pain in pregnancy more effectively than land-based exercise.

* Aquanatal® classes include birth preparation exercises and promote positive body awareness which helps to reduce the symptoms of antenatal and postnatal depression.

* Aquanatal® exercises tone your deep abdominal core, including your pelvic floor muscles. Keeping these muscles toned will reduce your chance of persistent incontinence both during pregnancy and after giving birth.

* Aquanatal® is also a social event and a great way to meet other expectant and new mums.

There is no doubt about the many benefits of exercising before and during pregnancy.  Australian, UK, Canadian and American authorities all recommend this in their Exercise Guidelines. Exercise during pregnancy can help you prepare physically and psychologically for the demands of labour and childbirth.  It can also help you recover and get back into shape after the birth. Whilst exercise during pregnancy can help maintain good general health and appropriate weight-gain, you should not exercise with the aim to lose weight during pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy is suitable and beneficial for most healthy women with an uncomplicated pregnancy, but there are some situations when it is not advisable. Please note that you must have your obstetrician, midwife or doctor’s approval to engage in exercise during pregnancy before you can join an Aquanatal® class.  See the 'Join In' page for details or Contact Us.