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Term Dates

Booking now for Term 4, 2017 - All pools are heated. You can join anytime during the term depending on availability. Spring class special available, contact me for details.   


Class Update

Bookings essential, places are limited.  

TERM 4 Timetable September to December.

Caringbah: Taren Point Monday 7pm - 

Kingsgrove: Tuesday 11.30am- Starts October

Padstow: Tuesday 7pm

Rockdale: Wednesday 7pm- starts October

Alexandria: Thursday 7pm

Condell Park: Saturday 12.30pm


What's New...


SATURDAY CLASS starting in Condell Park September 16th.

Introduce a friend to Aquanatal and when they join you will receive and extra class on your pass.

Private Health Insuance: Some companies offer rebates for Sydney Aquanatal® as classes are run by midwives.  

Aquanatal® is now a registered trade mark!

Donna's 15 tips for safe exercise in pregnancy

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Recommended Books

There are literally hundreds of titles out there about pregnancy, birth and parenting.  Some are good, some OK and some plain silly.  A few are possibly dangerous, including some of the stuff that's written on the internet where any self-appointed expert can give advice.

Below is a list of titles of books I am happy to recommend.  One of the cheapest places to buy most of these is online at My husband keeps them in business almost single-handedly and with FREE shipping, the books usually arrive within days at less than you'd pay locally.

Baby on Board: Understanding Your Baby's Needs in the First Twelve Months by Dr. Howard Chilton.  He is a Sydney pediatrician and the book contains a lot of good practical advice on surviving the first 12 months after the birth of your baby. Buy it before the birth of your bub and read it with a highlighter in hand - the references will come in handy when your baby is born - I highly recommend it!


The BirthSkills Book by psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr. Shari Read. Shari explains the physical changes during labour and shows you the ways in which you can work with your body both physically and emotionally during labour and birth. The aim of the book is to give you the confidence to approach labour feeling strong and calm, promoting a positive birth experience. You can buy this book directly from Donna.



More to follow...